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File Cabinet In The Sale Of The Classification
Apr 21, 2017

Filing cabinets play an important role in modern office life, filing cabinets sales therefore has an important position in the market. Filing cabinet use make effective use of space, the effective materials. In numerous filing cabinet type, steel filing cabinets are most popular in the filing cabinet. The filing cabinets in the sales according to the function classification, filing cabinets can what?


Filing cabinets divided generally contains data, according to the function of dense ark, confidential cabinet, drawing cabinets, wardrobes, lockers, shoe ark, the key cabinet, etc. Data is specially used to put data. If intensive GuiZhu save space, can put books, data, file. Put files drawings, drawings ark is locker is generally put clothes, store content ark is generally placed sundry etc, shoe ark is usually employees in shoes or sundry, key cabinet is specially placed the key, and tool ark, is placed some utility class cabinet wrench and other parts.lockers are divided into one wardrobe and a door wardrobe.

In clear after the filing cabinet sales function classification, we purchase the file cabinet, also know it is very important that the material of the filing cabinet, for good filing cabinets plasticity is generally selected excellent manufacture. What a little cheaper filing cabinets used, hot rolled plate is adopted, namely ordinary iron, compared with steel plate performance gap bigger. The formal general above 0.7 mm, the thickness of because is too thin, rolled plate deformation easily.


Now, many normal manufacturer has strong technical force, able to improve the technological content of the file cabinet, ensure the filing cabinet more durable. Such as common now, using the electrostatic powder coating process, and phosphating antirust processing, so that you can extend the service life of the file cabinet. But through different spraying equipment, spraying effect will be a quality difference, good filing cabinets should be smooth and neat appearance, and the surface is not easy to fall off.

Filing cabinets accessories (such as: locks, orbit and pulley, etc.) its flexibility, abrasion resistance, etc., in the choose and buy of filing cabinet is also cannot be ignored in details, it will directly affect the daily work.

So, buy to kaibing knight filing cabinet products, the best response to the filing cabinet brand and sales unit of visibility and credibility, and manufacturers and sales units have to provide comprehensive high-quality after-sales service has a certain understanding, in order to remove the trouble back at home of the buyer.

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